Farming is an Act of Social Justice At Woven Roots Farm by Lise Metzger
August 2020
In the Berkshire Mountains, Jen and Pete Salinetti’s regenerative farm practices and commitment to community have them well-positioned for this moment.
This piece was featured on Civil Eats, a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system
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New Pathways Talk on Sustainable Food Systems and Vibrant, Nourished Communities
May 2020
Fresh food is a basic human right. Within the first two weeks of the COVID-19 public health crisis, food insecurity was already magnifying, particularly among BIPOC communities who were experiencing higher rates of hunger, food insecurity, and diet-related disease due to structural inequities. Women Roots Farm, a regenerative farm in Massachusetts, is actively working with BRIDGE to increase access to vibrant local farms, skill-sharing, and education. Learn how this partnership has enabled more equitable, participatory practices in and around local food systems, and hear from Jen Salinetti about how Indigenous farming practices provide healthy, vibrant, nutrient-dense plants that strengthen the health of our communities. 
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Soil to Soul: A Farmer's Meditation on what the Soil can Teach Us
June 2020
CLICK HERE to read about Co-Founder and Farmer Jen's perspective on our relationship to soil in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This piece was featured in Berkshire Magazine's June 2020 issue.


Jen Salinetti of Woven Roots Farm recognized as on of Berkshire's 25 Most Dedicated, Most Creative, Most Influential for 2018
September 2018
The Berkshires is home to a community of people of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities—residents who take their passions and run with them, creating a diverse, meaningful, compassionate, and spirited lifestyle. From entrepreneurs to activists, these individuals create the foundation that makes the Berkshires what it is. This is [Berkshire Magazine's] fifth year honoring a select group of individuals who are eager to move mountains for fellow members of our community. Each brings forward the best of what humanity has to offer, setting the bar high for those who follow. 
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Photo Credit: David Edgecomb
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Featured, Left to Right: Berkshire Magazine's Editor, Anastasia Stanmeyer; State Representative Smitty Pignatelli; Jen Salinetti;    State Senator Adam Hinds


Woven Roots Farm highlighted in Jane Iredale's Skin Accumax marketing campaign
December 2017
We are so proud to support this fine product that is "headquartered in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts, where abundant natural beauty and a culture of healthy, mindful living inform and inspire all that we do.  For more than 20 years, Jane Iredale Cosmetics has created pure mineral products that keep skin looking its best while helping women feel their best."
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Woven Roots: Partnership [with Gould Farm] Benefits Guests, Harvest Barn and Community
Summer 2017
For a third season, Gould Farm has partnered with Woven Roots Farm to provide an internship opportunity to a Gould Farmer who is in transition, or is part of Gould Farm’s non-residential extended community. The internship involves running a weekly farm stand at Woven Roots, where the intern sells Gould Farm products, and shares Gould Farm’s mission and message of hope.
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No-Till at Woven Roots Farm Featured in NOFA/Massachusetts 2017 April Issue Newsletter
By Julie Rawson
April 2017
Jen Salinetti farms with her husband Pete in Tyringham, MA in the Berkshires. They have been farming for 16 years together, the four years spent on their almost 5-acre farm. In recent years they have not been using tillage to grow their vegetables. Jen feels that by not disturbing the soil they have a considerable positive impact on carbon sequestration on their land. They have experienced a significant increase in quality and yields which has enabled them to create a viable business on a small amount of land.
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Woven Roots Farm Intensive No-Till System Featured in The Natural Farmer's Issue on Carbon Farming
By Jack Kittredge
Winter  2017

Farming in ways which will build more soil carbon won’t be easy. But farmers have always been tinkerers and innovators. Some are already experimenting with methods to keep soil covered with green plants: using cover crops, extending the season, raising more perennials. Others are trying to manage weeds by solarizing them, shading them out, or using cover crops and mulches. Some use nutrients from rock powders, brown and green manures, fermented fungal products, and inoculants that enable biological solubilization and fixation.

This issue of The Natural Farmer explores early steps in this direction. We interview farmers experimenting with these practices, read some science on the problem, view a presentation by a pasture expert on sequestering carbon, learn about a few practical testing protocols to measure carbon’s impact in soil, and see what is being tried at one of the region’s premier agricultural companies.

From what we are learning, raising organic annual vegetable crops is one of the more challenging kinds of carbon-friendly agriculture. A lot more needs to be learned, and we hope this issue prompts you to get interested and try out a few things that make sense in your operation. The more of us who are involved and gaining experience, the clearer our path will be!

CLICK HERE to read the full article and to see other relevant articles on Carbon Farming.


Woven Roots Farm Receives 2nd Local Farmer Award
March 2017
Launched in 2015 in partnership with BIG Y and our generous sponsors HP HOOD LLCBAYSTATE HEALTHFARM CREDIT EASTMGM SPRINGFIELDSPRINGFIELD SHERATON MONARCH PLACE, and the COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS, the Local Farmer Awards fund physical infrastructure improvements to farms. A farmer appreciation event is held yearly for all applicants and awardees to honor and recognize our farmers and promote the importance of local farming.
In 2017, the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation and BIG Y awarded 49 local farmers $2,500 each – a 48% increase in awards from the inaugural year. 


Jen Salinetti of Woven Roots Farm to Speak at the ThinkFOOD Conference.
May 8, 2017

"This year's conference brings together food activists, experts, and educators to examine diversity and equity in food and its relevance in the national dialogue about immigration, minimum wage, and local food movements." 
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Woven Roots Farm Receives Local Farmer Award
May 20, 2016

Recognizing that farming is essential to our community, Local Farmer Award partners, the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation and Big Y awarded 47 local farmers from the Berkshires to the Pioneer Valley $2,500 to make physical infrastructure improvements to their farms.  Along with the generous support of sponsors, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation and MGM Springfield, farmers have already put to great use the $2,500 award for projects for farm improvements. This represents a 42% increase in awards from the 2015 inaugural year...
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"The Journey of This Seed", Jen Salinetti's
TEDx Berkshires talk is now available for viewing.
January 2106
As some of you know, this past November, I had the distinct honor of participating in a TEDx Berkshires event at Kripalu Yoga Center. I am very excited to share with you a recording of my talk, "The Journey of This Seed".
As we journey through the gifts of the seasons, I share with you some of the humble lessons that I have learned from the life cycle of this seed, this special seed that my husband's great-grandfather carried over from Italy and ultimately changed my life.

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Jen Salinetti of Woven Roots Farm to speak at
TEDx Berkshires
Thursday, November 19th
at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
Stockbridge, MA

Join Jen Salinetti and 7 other inspirational speakers, (including the one and only Dr. Ruth!),  for a full-day community event that includes yoga and lunch at the internationally known Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.

To learn more about this event, CLICK HERE.
To learn more about Jen and to see what she will be talking about,


Join Woven Roots Farm for a film screening
at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Saturday, October 31st, 2pm

The documentary film, "A Small Good Thing", will be at the MFA October 28th through November 6th.
“A Small Good Thing” explores how the American Dream has reached its end and how for most of us, greater material wealth and upward mobility are no longer possible. To find out what is taking its place, this feature documentary follows six people in one community who have recast their lives so they can live with a sense of meaning.  Jen and Pete Salinetti of Woven Roots Farm and their two children happen to be some of the cast members!
Our family will be a part of the Q&A panel on Saturday afternoon.

To learn more about these events, CLICK HERE.


Woven Roots Farm to be a part of Q&A at the Colonial
Sunday, October 25th

Join us at Made in the Berkshires on October 25th at 3:30pm
Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA
for a screening of "A Small Good Thing" followed by Q&A with the filmmakers and cast.



Woven Roots Farm in the Boston Globe
Monday, September 7th

On Sunday morning, we were graced with some enthusiastic text messages from one of our proud CSA members.  He and his wife were visiting with friends in Boston for the long weekend and they happened upon a photo of us and a short review of the documentary film, "A Small Good Thing".

CLICK HERE for the full review (scroll down a bit to "Shiny, happy people" subheader).
Farm Interview with Laury Epstein

Wednesday, August 26th


Woven Roots Farm is  featured in this week’s Berkshire Edge online newspaper.


CLICK HERE to enjoy the article written about our farm by Laury Epstein.

Online with Andrea Garrison

Thursday, June 25th


Film director Pamela Tanner Boll, Jen (and a bit of Pete) and other cast members from ” A Small Good Thing” share their journey and their teachings on the Online With Andrea Garrison radio show.




The Good Life: Documentary Finds True Happiness In The Shire

Wednesday, May 20th


Writer Nichole Dupont shares an inside perspective on “A Small Good Thing” in Rural Intelligence, an online newsletter.


CLICK HERE for the complete article.




Woven Roots Farm is featured in a award-winning documentary film!

Monday, April 27th


From the Director of Who Does She Think She Is?,
a new film by Pamela Tanner Boll that asks the question:



“A Small Good Thing” explores how the American Dream has reached its end and how for most of us, greater material wealth and upward mobility are no longer possible. To find out what is taking its place, this feature documentary follows six people in one community who have recast their lives so they can live with a sense of meaning.  Jen and Pete Salinetti of Woven Roots Farm happen to be two of the cast members!

“A Small Good Thing” won the Best Documentary Award
and it’s coming to the



SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015 at 11am
The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
14 Castle Street, Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Filmmaker & Cast will be in attendance for a Q&A!




Farmland Access Symposium

Sunday, June 22nd


On April 14th, 2014 Berkshire Grown and Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires initiated a discussion for  people and organizations working in the Berkshires to put more farmers on the land and more land into farming. These two organizations believe access to affordable farmland is critical to our food security and the sustainability of our economy and they wanted to discuss ways we can build a more secure land base for farms, farmer housing and related businesses.  Jen Salinetti, of Woven Roots Farm, was asked to tell her story of land access in the Berkshires.

This event was a collaboration of Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires, Berkshire Grown, Berkshire Co-op Market, Land for Good, The Carrot Project, Great Barrington Agriculture Commission, Berkshire Natural Resources Council, Schumacher Center for a New Economics and Bard College at Simon’s Rock Center for Food Studies.


CLICK HERE to hear her full story.




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