For 20 years, Woven Roots Farm has nurtured the soil that nourishes our community through traditional farming practices, community membership, and education.  The foundation of our farm is built on honoring the land of the Mohican Nation through ancestral, resilient farming practices.


Agriculture itself is rooted in the long-standing cultural practices within communities of Indigenous people, people of color, and immigrants.  We acknowledge that the US was built on stolen land and that all US systems are built on the stolen labor of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and other people of color.




Our farm recognizes the interconnectedness of all life: soil, plants, microbes, insects, and animals, including humans.  We seek to only enhance these connections, not to disturb them.  Our farm is cultivated in a permanent bed, no-till farming system.  Our fields are established in 30″ rows and 12″ aisles.  Once these spaces are defined, they remain this way.  This creates compacted soil in the aisles which discourages weed production and nutrient-rich, hand-cultivated beds for our seeds and seedlings to thrive.  At no point has there ever been any use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides here.

Throughout the season, we offer our fields rich, local compost, cover crops, mulches, and tender care without the detrimental impact of machinery.  At each planting, our beds are aerated by hand, using a broad fork (also known as a u-bar). Amendments are lightly incorporated into the top inch of soil.  This ensures that the dignity of the soil structure below is not disturbed. Microorganisms, animals, and insects thrive providing an optimal location for the roots of our crops to grow.  When the soil is aerated, but not disturbed, water and nutrients percolate through with ease, creating a perfect environment for nutrient-dense crops.

Additionally, some of our seeds are gathered annually on site. We commit to purchasing our other seeds from Northeast seed companies and cooperatives.  This ensures the strength and vigor of our plants while supporting our regional economy.

With attention to detail, we are proud to offer top-quality, delicious produce to our community. We hope that you enjoy the flavor and beauty of our vegetables and take pride in supporting a local, regenerative farming operation.



Black Lives Matter

No Human is Illegal

Love is LOVE

Woman's Rights are Human Rights

Water is Life

All Genders Are Whole

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere


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