Created in partnership with Multicultural BRIDGE


At Woven Roots Farm, we learn from the soil that mutual aid is essential for existence.  Now more than ever, we are turning towards enlarging our own capacities and creating new pathways towards food security in our community. Partnering with BRIDGE (Berkshire Resources for Integration of Diverse Groups through Education) helps us to understand both individual & collective interests and needs in our marginalized communities, and weave deeply rooted, culturally respectful responses. 


Fresh, clean food is a basic human right.  In order to have access to that, we need vibrant local farms, resilient skill sharing, ongoing education, and community support.  Our Solidarity & Sustainability Program, created with BRIDGE, provides foundational support by offering a weekly distribution of nutrient-dense, seasonal food -- June to November -- through membership in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  This program also provides vegetable starts and seeds to households with established gardens, as well as access to new garden spaces through our collaboration with Greenagers’ Front Lawn Food Program. Additionally, we are creating pathways of empowerment by curating ongoing support through classes, webinars, and direct consultation for BRIDGE community members who are ready to build skills in land stewardship, gardening, cooking, and preserving.


We are being given the opportunity to create a new tomorrow firmly rooted in justice -- a tomorrow that embraces the dignity of all humanity and nature. It is time to plant and cultivate a future where we return to taking care of each other and our Earth.  Partnering with BRIDGE is helping us create equitable & participatory practices that build resilience in our community.

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