Is a CSA Share right for you? Part 2

Our first post about our CSA answered the questions:

Do you value high quality, nutrient-dense vegetables with real flavor?

Do you want to taste and use new vegetables?

How much control do you need in your weekly menu plan?

Follow this link to review the answer to these questions.

Still feeling uncertain? Here's few more questions to consider...

Does having a relationship with the farmers that grow your food matter to you?

As a member of our CSA, you can walk the fields nestled in the hillside of the Tyringham Valley where your food is grown.

You can meet us.

You can take a workshop with us.

You can share a meal with us.

You can connect with the individuals and the landscape that make your meals possible. If you are craving an intimacy with your food and the hands that grow it, our CSA can do that.

Are you willing to learn to eat the CSA way?

Eating the CSA way is going to teach you to do two things that are probably new to you: to eat a veggie-dense diet and to eat with seasonal ingredients. Transitioning to veggie-dense, seasonal cooking has a learning curve.  Most of us, including myself, were not taught to cook or eat this way. And like learning anything new, it takes time to adjust to this. Most our members say it’s not until their 2nd season where they feel like they really get the hang of using all the vegetables. But we're here to help and so are all of the other CSA members who have participated for many years!

Does a CSA share have to be a deal?

We’ve had members tell us that they compared the value of what they got in their weekly share to what those same items would cost in the grocery store, and the savings were big.  We grow quality produce, herbs and flowers using the highest ecological and regenerative practices and we try to reward you for supporting us with great value. However, joining us just for the deal isn’t always the best idea. Farmer Cassie states it well, "There’s risk inherent in farming, and if you join, you join knowing that come hail or flood, maybe we won’t be able to provide you the best deal in town. To be a member of CSA means to join us for the bounty AND the risk. If you are type that wants to know an exact value and make sure everything is equal in value across every share each week, CSA isn’t for you."

I hope you find these thoughts helpful. I extend my gratitude towards Farmer Cassie for your original questions and perspectives.

Think that joining Woven Roots Farm CSA season might be right for you? There's still a few spaces left. Click here to learn more about how our CSA works.

With Gratitude,

Farmer Jen