Is a CSA Share right for you? Part 1

Updated: May 23, 2018

When considering whether or not a CSA share with Woven Roots Farm is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you value high quality, nutrient-dense vegetables with real flavor?

People often ask us what variety of a crop we grow. Variety has some influence on flavor and certainly the growth habit, nutrient density and harvest time, but the truth is, the soil that a crop grows in has the greatest affect of all. When food is grown in collaboration with the soil, the quality and taste increases. At Woven Roots Farm, we recognize the interconnectedness of all life: soil, plants, fungi, microbes, insects and animals.  We seek to only enhance these connections, not to disturb them.  Our crops are cultivated in a permanent bed, no-till farming system. At no point has there ever been any use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides here.

If you want fresh, delicious and wholesome vegetable to create your meals, our CSA can provide that.

Do you want to taste and use new vegetables?

Successful CSA membership requires being open to new vegetables and new food preparation. We grow over 50 crops utilizing a tight successive crop schedule and season extenders. If you are join our CSA with a sense of curiosity and adventure, we can help expand your veggie pallet. You are going to discover some vegetables that you love! You are going to be amused by vegetables. You will be inspired. You are also going to encounter new vegetables that you don't really like, no matter which way you look at it.

"If you are up for the experience, the scale usually tips in favor of finding more new foods to enjoy."

How much control do you need in your weekly menu plan?

The week's vegetable choices will always be determined by what’s available in the field. "Grocery stores offer constant availability of most vegetables by sourcing them from all different locations of the country and continent. That’s not what a CSA does. If you want spinach in your salad every week, a CSA share may not be for you," says Farmer Cassie. Our CSA is proud to offer every item fresh from our farm. Our CSA share's journey leads you through the experience of eating seasonally. CSA meals generates a series of moments that capture the flavors of now. Savoring becomes a pause that carries you through more challenging moments. This is seasonal living . We are here to help you experience that through community sharing and weekly recipe offerings.

Think that joining Woven Roots Farm CSA season might be right for you? Click here to learn more about our program.

Wherever you are, many thanks to Farmer Cassie for your questions and perspectives.

With Gratitude,

Farmer Jen