Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial, collaborative experience between the land, the farmers and the consumers. 

Individuals pay a set amount of money in exchange for a share in a farm and get a portion of what is grown on the farm for a season. Members fill their basket (or bags) with vegetables the farm has available that week.


What that means for our CSA members:



* All crops are fresh, flavorful, nutrient-rich and Tyringham-grown using regenerative and resilient farming practices.

* Eating local and in-season vegetables shows you what you should be eating at various times during the year. This eliminates exposure to vegetables that have been bred for shipping and potentially subjected to chemicals and untold conditions.



* Diverse weekly offerings encourage you to incorporate vegetables, that you would not necessarily encounter, into your diet.

* Avoid the grocery store, with a bounty of vegetables to enjoy throughout the week.



* Support a regional food system which secures the agricultural integrity of our region. Participate in a community-building experience, by getting to know your neighbors and who grows your food!

* Every week collect your share in the company of fellow CSA members and their families,  which creates a space where community members can see regenerative farming methods in actions and both learn about and participate in the health of their community.

Everyone has a right to healthy, delicious produce, regardless of income, identities, immigration status, and background. We are working to end the injustice of a very broken food system.
If our CSA payment plan is not affordable for you, please contact us directly.
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Solidarity  & Sustainability Share program.



Black Lives Matter

No Human is Illegal

Love is LOVE

Woman's Rights are Human Rights

Water is Life

All Genders Are Whole

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere


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Pick-ups are on Saturday mornings
June 13th - November
between 9:30 am and 12 pm
at the farm.
Look forward to a growing pick-your-own section, on-site vending from local vendors as well as ongoing Farm Adventures, a free farm workshop series, during CSA pick-up times.
In addition to the regular pick-ups, there will be weekly recipes and
farm updates.  We hope to be able to offer farm tours, workshops, community workdays and
our annual harvest potluck.
Full CSA share: $640.00*

Full Shares are picked up

EVERY week throughout the season.

This comfortably feeds 2-4 people and includes a PYO selection of sugar snap peas, beans, cherry tomatoes and 10-15 flowers stems.



Partial CSA share: $425.00*

Partial Shares are picked up


throughout the season.


This comfortably feeds

1-2 people and also includes a PYO selection of sugar snap peas, beans, cherry tomatoes and limited flowers.


NOTE: Partial Share includes access to   Farm Adventures workshops            throughout the season.



Flower Bucket Share:
$125.00 for a Full Share
(At least 40 stems every week)
$75.00 for a Partial Share
(At least 40 stems every other week)

Flowers generally are available July-September.
*$15 Service Fee added if paying
  with a credit card
Woven Roots Farm
12 McCarty Road
Tyringham, MA 01264

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